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Janet▪28.04.1994▪live in Hamburg▪Polish/German ▪love shopping▪Pursuit of Beauty▪music▪dance▪ unusual(?!) bitchy▪ Tally Weijl+Pimkie▪Girls Club▪niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice▪


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Name: Janet

Spitzname: Janska, Janetka

Geburtsdatum: 28.04.1994

Sternzeichen: Stier

Herkunft: Deutschland/Polen

Job: Schülerin 7. Klasse Gymnasium

Größe: 160 cm

Haarfarbe/Haarschnitt: Braun mit Blonden Stränchen, Stufenschnitt

Augenfarbe: Grün/Braun

Musik: (meistens) R'n'B



B;; Beyonce (Listen, resentment, sexy lil thug ... ) , Britney Spears (overprotected, bombastic Love, born to make you happy..), Bushido (Vendetta, Wenn ein Gangster weint, Janine, Kurt Cobain)

C;; Cascada (everytime we touch), Christina Aguilera (Welcome, Fighter, Dirrty, Nasty Noughty Boy...)

D;; Danity Kane (Show Stopper, Touching my Body), Diddy (feat. Nicole Scherzinger;; Come to Me, feat. Xtina;; Tell me)

E;; %%

F;; F-Raz (ich liebe dich, Mama ...), Fergie (Fergalicious, Finally, Big Girls Don't Cry, Pedestal ...)

G;; Green Day (Basket Case, Boulevard of broken Dreams ...), Gwen Stefani (4 in the Morning, early winter, orange country Girl ...),

H;; High School Musical (breakin' free, when tere was me and you ...),

I;; %%

J;; Jojo (too little too late, not that kinda girl, let it rain ...), Justin Timberlake (Futuresex/lovesound, summerlove ...)

K;; Kelly Clarkson (because of you),

L;; Lindsay Lohan (over, confessions of a broken heart, rumors...),

M;; Mariah Carey (get your number),

N;; Nelly Furtado (all good things...), Nicole Scherzinger(feat. Avant;; Lie about Us, Steam, On and On [remix])

O;; %%

P;; Paris Hilton (Stars are blind, fightin' over me), Pussycat Dolls (I don't need a man, Hot stuff, Don't cha ...),

R;; Raptile (missin' your kisses), Rihanna (a million miles away, final goodbye, We ride...),

S;; Sean Paul (conection, temperatur, we be burnin'...), Seeed (Ding, Schwinger), Shakira (illegal), Stacie Orrico (easy to luv you, stuck, i´m not missin' you...), Sugarbabes (easy, ugly, Stronger ...),

T;; t.A.T.u. (Gomensai, all the things she say'd...), Tenyaki Boys (Tokio Drift)

U;; Usher (my boo, yeah, u got it bad ...),

V;; Vanessa Hudgens (come back to me, too emotional, Don't talk ...), Vibekingz feat. MaliQ (this letter)

W;; %%

X;; %%

Y;; %%

Z;; Zcalacee (Gallerie, ich liebe dich)


H  O  T;   Musik, Cristiano Ronaldo, L'Oreal, Shoppen, Sommer, Essence, warme Länder, Schminke, Klamotten, Gesichtsmasken, Haarpflege, Gute Noten, Douglas, Paris Hilton, Discos, Girls Club, BravoGIRL&Mädchen, Mais, Kaugummi, Watermelon, Girls Club, Horrorfilme

N  O  T;    Streit, Zicken, Möchtegerns, kälte, Falsche Freunde, Insekten, NACHMACHER (!!!),no Money, Angeber, 

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